Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A new more obedient way

Welcome to the Fearless Heart. 

Today marks the day of new beginnings. It marks the day in which this writer will become more bold in the expression of this fearless heart. A bold step forward into the medium that is words. A blessing of it found in my heart and mouth since my time on earth began. 

This blog will be to honor God. This blog is to express gratitude, exude encouragement and document life's lessons as they unfold. 

May you find hope here. My you find encouragement here. May you find Him here. 

To Christ be all the honor and glory. 

30 November 2016. The day I step forward into the world of words.  

Lesson learned from the past month:
If you want to be a person of grit, a person who makes a difference, don't be surprised if God sends antagonists along your way. People who will take the wind from your sales, toxic in their very being, will test your grittiness. Will you fail or move forward in faith. Will you give up because of the influence they may have on your emotions or your soul?

Don't be fooled. It is a test. Don't let the enemy tell you that you are less than what God says you are.

He loves you. He loves you intensely intimate. Believe it. Live it out loud. Be brave. Dare to believe.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are faithful, kind and loving. Thank you that we do not have to conform to this world. Thank you that you protect us and guide us through your Holy Spirit. May we be found worthy to uphold your Name. Help us to stay fearless and move forward despite the difficult people that cross our path. May we learn from them, love them and pray for their salvation. Open our eyes to see what you want us to take from each experience. Help us to live your love out loud, so loud that we disappear and people only hear Your voice of Love for them. When we have to speak the truth, may it be in love and from a place of earnest care. Forgive us when we trespass and stumble and help us to always treat others higher than ourselves. Help us to be who You say we are. Help us remember who we ARE in You when the going gets tough.

To you be the honor and the glory.

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